Bow / Bow Tie for Medium to Large Dog Breeds

There's nothing like a cute bow to make your dog look extra adorable! Whether you're looking for a fun photo prop for your dog's birthday or just a cute accessory for every day wear, our solid color bows are versatile and affordable option for your pet. Each bow can actually be worn as either a headband or a bow tie, so they make awesome gifts and are fun to mix and match with your boy and girl dogs!

Our dog bows come on an adjustable band and are available in 3 different sizes, making them perfect for dogs of all sizes (even growing ones!). We happily accept custom orders too, so if you have a birthday, wedding, holiday, or graduation with a specific color theme, we're happy to custom make the perfect accessory for your special event.

Wearing Instructions

Each bow comes on a button-on band. The band has 4 different button holes, making these bows easy to gift even if you don't the dog's exact size. 

To wear as a bow tie, just wrap the band around your dog's neck and button on.

To wear as a head band, wrap the bow around your dog's head and button on.

Measurements and Sizing

Each bow tie measures approximately 6.5" across and comes with the following band sizes:

Large: (shown in the photos)
- 16-20" band
- Recommended for goldens, labs, german shepherds, huskies, boxers, and other large dog breeds

- 14-18"
- Recommended for springer/brittany spaniels, pit bull / staffordshire terriers

- 12-16"
- Recommended for corgi, beagle, cocker spaniel, and other medium size dog breeds

For larger or smaller neck sizes, please feel free to request a custom order. I'll adjust the bow size too to make sure you get the perfect fit for your pet.

Bow / Bow Tie for Medium to Large Dog Breeds