White Flower Crown / Collar for Dogs

This adorable flower wreath for dogs that can be worn two different ways: as both a flower crown and a nice light weight floral collar. It features 6 white flowers with yellow centers and 12 little leaves on either side. The flowers go all the way around the piece.

The entire wreath is hand crocheted in pet friendly, washer safe acrylic yarns. The flowers and leaves are crocheted directly onto the band, so there is no worrying about pieces coming undone. They make great indoor and outdoor photos props. They also make great wedding accessories as they provide a lightweight and comfortable alternative to plastic or real flowers. 

The versatile design of this wreath also makes it ideal those of you would love to get a cute accessory for your dog but really aren't sure if he/she is patient enough for a head piece.

Wearing Instructions

To have your dog wear the flowers as a crown, simply place the wreath on top of your dog's head and slip both ears into the circle. 

And if it turns out your dog doesn't really care for wearing things on his/her head, the good news is that you can still use the flowers as a wreath. Just slide the flowers down around the dog's neck. Most dogs used to wearing a harness or collar are surprising very good about wearing accessories like this around their necks.

Measurements and Sizing

This wreath was designed for large breed dogs (as shown on a golden retriever weighing approximately 65lbs).

The inside band of the floral wreath measures approximately 60cm / 23.6" and was loosely crocheted to give it quite a bit of stretch. Each flower measures just shy of 3" / 8cm.

White Flower Crown / Collar for Dogs