Pink Valentines Day Hearts for Cats

These heart accessories for cats make the purrfect Valentine's Day accessory for your sweet feline.  Each piece can be worn as both a headband and a collar, meaning you can get two different looks with one accessory.  The collars are light weight, easy to slip on, and are made from washer-safe acrylic yarns.  Plus they ship free with any other item (including other hearts)!


Measurements and Sizing


These hearts are designed to fit most adult cats.  For other sizes, just send us a custom order request with your pet's measurements.

The band measures approximately 12" around and the two hearts are roughly 1.5" and 1.25" inches long (with some overlap).


Wearing Instructions

This flower can actually be worn 2 different ways:

  • around the ears, like a crown
  • around the neck, like a collar

It's a great option if you're not sure your pet will enjoy wearing something on his/her head, as you can still use it as a collar.

Pink Valentines Day Hearts for Cats

  • This item ships internationally from Izmir Turkey.  Express shipping is available on this item.


    Estimated shipping time: 10-15 business days


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Product Reviews


Took no longer than an hour, simple pattern and my cat loves it!


I loved making it! So cute and easy to understand :) too bad my cat didn't really like wearing it haha :D




Pattern is simple and clear. However, I am way more thrilled than my cats are now that I'm obsessed with making these hats!


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