St. Patrick's Day Bow Tie for Cats

These cute St. Patrick's Day themed bows were designed especially for your smaller four legged friends, to include cats and miniature dogs breeds. The bows are made from washable acrylic yarns and have a sparkly light green center. Each bow comes on an adjustable, button-on band, making it easy to get the right size.

These bows also make a great add on, as they ship free with any other item.

Wearing Instructions

This same piece can be worn 2 different ways:
- around your pet's neck, as a bow tie
- around your pet's ears, as a headband

You can use the button holes at the end of the strap to adjust the bow to the perfect size for your pet's head/neck.

Measurements and Sizing

These bows are the ideal size for adult cats and extra small dog breeds (such as Chihuahuas).

Bows measure approximately 3.5" across and come on an adjustable band that fits 10-12" neck sizes

St. Patrick's Day Bow Tie for Cats