Taco Pet Costume

Remember when the "Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat" meme was trending? That's what inspired this taco cat costume. 

This taco pet costume was designed to fit medium sized cats or extra small dogs. It would be a perfect Halloween costume for your four legged friend.

The outfit is hand crocheted using acrylic yarns. The two shells are attached across the back and have elastic bands along the chest and stomach.

Measurements and Sizing

Below are the approximate measurements of the costume:

  • 5.12" / 13cm - from top to bottom of the shell (not counting the green/lettuce)
  • 11" / 28cm - from end to end across the shell
  • 3" / 7.5cm across the back (the "meat")
  • 3.15" / 8cm - length of elastic cut for stomach and chest, can be increased or decreased

I highly recommend attempting to get a measurement (at your own peril if you have a cat) so you can see if the standard size will be the right size for your pet.

Taco Pet Costume

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