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About Pawsome Crochet


Pawsome Crochet first opened its virtual doors in 2015 under the name Aegean Drawn.  Back then, our focus was more on art and regional products, but it quickly became apparent that many other people shared our love for creative crochet - most especially pet accessories!  So in 2017, we devoted ourselves to making pet accessories under the new name of Pawsome Crochet.  


We believe your pet is not just an animal, it's a member of your family.  And that means your fur kids will be sharing in the special moments of your life.  We strive to make cute, festive, and sometimes downright quirky pet products that will help bring a smile to your face and make those special moments in your life extra memorable.

About Our Products

Though you may not believe it from our photos, the initial inspiration for our pet product was our golden retriever's refusal to wear a Santa hat for our Christmas pictures.  We set out to design a hat she couldn't shake off, and after that proved successful, the possibilities seemed endless!


We now offer a wide selection of pet products for both dogs and cats.  We personally design and hand make all of our crochet pet accessories, making it possible to customize almost any item to fit your pet.  

Meet Our Crew


Pawsome Crochet is owned, operated, (and crocheted!) by Rebecca Davis.  She'll be the one making and shipping your products and answering your emails.  Rebecca is an Illinois native, world traveller, craft-a-holic, and animal lover to the core.

In addition we have 2 four legged team members.  Our lovable models are Zeke, a ginger kitty and rescued Turkish street cat, and Lola, a senior golden retriever from Germany.

Donations and Supported Causes 


We believe in giving back.  We donate annually to animals rescues that help save lives by pulling animals from dangerous situations, rehabilitating them, and finding them homes where they will be both safe and loved.  If you're looking to help animals in need, we've worked with these rescues and encourage you to check out their causes.

Seattle Area Feline Rescue

Location: WA, USA


Chicagoland Eskie Rescue

Location: IL, USA


HALO Havanese Rescue

Location: IL, USA


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