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Sneak Peak at our Labor Day Sale

We don’t do sales often, but when we do, we tend to go big! We list pre-made, ready to ship items at prices up to 50% off. They’re generally designs we can’t make more of or items we made to try out a new product idea, so they are truly one of a kind. We run the sale for two weekends a year, then any remaining products are donated to rescues.

Below, you'll find a sneak peak of a few of the items coming up in our Labor Day Sale. We'll be launching this sale exclusively in our Etsy shop. The sale runs August 30-September 3, and you can hop right to the sale items by clicking here.

We need some time to get the sale set up, so you'll start seeing these items in our shop now. But watch for the sale prices to show up next week!

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