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Behind the Scenes: Our Bloopers

You know those "expectation vs reality" posts? Trust me, we take enough photos to know that not everything goes as planned, and even the most obedient of pets sometimes just aren't in the mood for photos.

So today, we take a moment to celebrate some of our favorite (and hilarious) photo fails with you. We have so many, we've even conveniently categorized them for you.

Cat Attacks

Let's face it, cats and dogs can be friends, but they're more often frenemies.

Funny Yawns

Out of context they look more like a scream or a tongue out towards the camera person, which is why we love them.

Tongues Out

Usually done because they're licking their lips (because I bring out the good treats for our photo shoots!), these are right up there with yawning for some of our favorite pics. Our cat especially is fond of licking his lips after a tasty treat.

Say Cheese

More often or not, the face of anticipation (of an incoming treat) leads to some hilarity.

Refusing to Sit Still

This happens more often with our young energetic cat than our older dog, but can lead to some pretty funny pics, from a high five to a "cool guys don't look at explosions" kind of walk.

Not Having the Hat

Again this tends to happen more with our kitty. Our food loving, low energy pup learned long ago that hats = good treats, so she's more than willing to cooperate.

We hope you enjoyed this quirky collection of our photos outtakes. Even those of us who take photos all the time have our fair share of mishaps.

Let us know which pics were your favorites or share some of your own in the comments.

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