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Welcome to the crew Izzy

We'd like to introduce the newest member of our team: Izzy!

Izzy had been dumped at a nearby park a couple of weeks ago, we'd seen her a couple times on our morning walks. Then about 10 days ago my son came home from playing at the park with her in his arms. We have a “don’t bring home street animals” rule (as much for me as for the kids) but she quickly won everyone over.

We think she’s about 3 months old and is absolutely the snuggliest cat I’ve ever seen. She’s slowly getting use to Lola, and Zeke seems to have pretty much adjusted to her. She’s still got some bad street cat food habits but otherwise the vet says she’s healthy. And yes, she wears hats, though it’s sometimes a challenge to photograph her in them because she’s constantly on my lap.

Expect to see more of Izzy in the coming weeks!

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