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Rescue Returns Program

About Our Returns Program:  We create our Rescue Returns Program to both support rescue efforts and allow customers from the US (and hopefully soon other countries!) to quickly and inexpensively process returns or exchanges.  

How it Works:  If a customer would like to return or exchange a product, they are offered the option to send the item to a nearby approved rescue rather than returning it to us directly.  This both saves them (and us!) considerably on return shipping and delivery times and allows us to donate our returns to good causes across the country.  The rescue will receive a package from the customer and must notify us promptly once the item has been received so that we may completed the return/exchange process.

Who can Join:  We encourage all not-for-profit, no-kill shelters, rescues, and rehabilitation centers to apply.  We are primarily seeking rescues across the continental US and Europe at this time.

How to Join:  Simply fill out the form below and we will review your application.

What Information We Collect & Why:  To apply, we will need to have a contact person at the rescue who will receive the items for us.  We will get in touch with this person when we have a donation available.  We also need the Rescue's name and the physical mailing address where the returns will be sent.  Finally, we collect the type of animal the rescue works with so we can pair the return to a rescue that will be able to use it.

How are Rescues Selected:  We review the information submitted for authenticity and accept most legitimate submissions.  Our primary goal is to create a database of amazing causes willing to work with us that could benefit from some of our products.

Apply to our returns program
What type of pets does this rescue primarily work with?

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