4th of July Dog Collar Cover

While I love making dog hats, some dogs just really dislike having anything placed on their heads. So this Fourth of July themed dog accessories was designed to be worn around the neck like a collar, bandanna, or harness. 

It would make an adorable and festive photo prop or parade accessory for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or Veteran's Day. 

This collar is light weight and comfortably hand crocheted from acrylic yarns. I strung red, white, and blue fringe from the sides and attached shiny silver stars along the edges to make it a bit more fancy and patriotic.

Wearing Instructions
I designed this collar as is a single piece with no ties, buttons, velcro or other attachments to worry about. My experience has been that dogs find this design more comfortable as it is less tight and restrictive. There's also the added benefit that you don't have to worry about it coming off or coming untied.

The large loop simply slips over your dog's head and can be worn at the same time as a harness or collar, making it great for parades or photo trips to the park. 

Measurements and Sizing
The opening for the head / shoulders is just over 25" (about 64cm). It is meant to be worn along the dog's shoulders, just below the neck, about where a harness would sit.

To keep the piece light weight (as most of these patriotic holidays fall in the summer time), I made the the red, white, and blue collar portion to only 1.75" / 4.5cm long. 

The fringe along the sides is approximately 6.25" / 16cm long.

Each of the stars is just under .75" / 2cm from point to point.

4th of July Dog Collar Cover

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