4th of July Dog Flower Collar for Dogs

Need a cute and simple Fourth of July accessory for your pet? These red, white, and blue collar flowers make for easy Independence Day decor for your pooch. Just slip one on your dog's collar and go!

Attachment Options / Wearing Instruction
These flowers can be ordered with two different attachment options.

Your flower will be adhered to a felt band with velcro on both sides. 
- To wear: simply wrap the band around your collar, attach the velcro to itself, and go.
- Recommended for: harnesses, collars with very large buckles/clasps, tighter fit (elastic is a bit looser)

Your flower well be adhered to a 1" wide elastic band.
- To wear: slide the elastic band over your dog's collar
- Recommended for: standard collars, more secure fit (won't come open)

Measurements and Sizing
These flowers were designed for medium-to-extra large size dogs. They are made to fit a 1" / 2.5cm collar. If your dog's collar is larger or smaller, please just leave a note for me in the comments section of your order (you'll see this on the payment screen).

4th of July Dog Flower Collar for Dogs

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