American Flag Bow / Bow Tie for Medium to Large Dogs

Looking for an easy 4th of July accessory for your pet? These versatile bows are light weigh, slip on easily, and would be great for a Fourth of July party or Independence Day parade. Each bow can actually be worn either as a bow tie or a headband, making it a great option for both boy and girl dogs.

Wearing Instructions

This same piece can be worn 3 different ways: 

  •  As a bow tie (wear around your pet's neck)
  • As a headband (wear around the head)
  • As a crown (wear around the ears only)

Want to see it in action? Here's a short video showing how to wear your bow tie:

Measurements and Sizing


Each bow tie measures approximately 6.5" across and comes on a button on bad with adjustable sizing.  Bows come in the following band sizes:

  • Large (16-20") (shown in the photos):  Recommended for goldens, labs, german shepherds, huskies, boxers, and other large dog breeds
  • Medium (14-18"): Recommended for springer/brittany spaniels, pit bull / staffordshire terriers
  • Small (12-16"): Recommended for corgi, beagle, cocker spaniel, and other medium size dog breeds
  • Custom: For larger or smaller neck sizes, choose this option then write in the size you need below.  For smallers sizes, I may adjust the bow size too to make sure you get the perfect fit for your pet.

American Flag Bow / Bow Tie for Medium to Large Dogs