Beanie Hats for Cats

This cute little pom pom beanie hat was designed to fit our smaller four legged friends, to include cats, kittens, and small dog breeds.


The hat has two ear holes, ear flaps with straps, and, like any traditional winter hat, a colorful pom pom. There is no neck strap on this hat, though the straps are long enough to be tied around your pet's head in order to keep the hat in place if necessary.

Measurements and Sizing
We currently offer these hats in 3 different sizes:


Kittens and Small Cats

- recommended for kittens/young cats from about 2-8 months (up to about 7-8lbs)

- Measures 2" across the forehead with 2" ear holes


Adult Cats and XS Dogs

- Recommended for average size adult cats and extra small / miniature dog breeds (up to about 15lbs)

- Measures 2.5" across the forehead with 2.5" ear holes


XL Cats and S Dogs
- Recommended for larger/fluffier breed cats and small dog breeds (up to about 25lbs)
- Measures 3" across the forehead with 3" ear holes

Note: weights may vary depending on your pet's breed. For a great fit, check your pet's head size using the above measurements.

Beanie Hats for Cats