Bow / Bowtie for Cats and Small Dogs

Need to dress up your pet for a special occasion? These bows were specially made for your smaller four legged friends, to include cats and small dogs. They would make for perfect, simple accessories for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and just about every other photo occasion you can think of. 

Wearing Instructions 

This same piece can be worn 3 different ways: 

- As a bow tie (wear around your pet's neck)
- As a headband (wear around the head)
- as a crown (wear around the ears only)

Size, and Style Options

I currently offer these cat/small dog bows in the following sizes:

- Kitten / Small Cat -

  • Recommended for cats and extra small dogs
  • Bow measures 3"
  • Comes on either a 10" closed loop band

- Adult Cat / XS Dog - 

  • Recommended for extra large cats and small dogs
  • Bow measures 3.75"
  • Comes on either a 12" closed loop band


- Custom -

Choose "custom" from the size menue then enter the size you need in the comment box below.

Bow / Bowtie for Cats and Small Dogs