Bumble Bee Dog Headband

These bumble bee headbands make great add-ons for your pet's costume.  

Each hat is hand crocheted using acrylic yarns. The two antenae are reinforced with wirte to keep them upright.

Wearing Instructions

To wear the hat, place the hat on top of your pet's head and gently slip the ears into the ear holes. The tie straps on either side can be tied under your pet's chin to secure the hat if needed.

Measurements and Sizing

Below are the approximate measurements of the hat:

- 5.5" / 14cm across the forehead (from the start of one ear hole to the start of the other)
- 12.5" / 32cm long from end to end (the base of one ear hole to the base of the other)
- Each ear hole is approximately 2.75" / 7cm long by x 2" / 5cm wide
- Each tie strap is 12.5" / 32cm long
- The horns themselves are also roughly 2.5" / 6cm tall

Custom Options

We happily accept custom orders. If you need another size or color, please use the “Request a custom order” link (just below the photos) to send us the details of your custom request.

Shipping Information

Our products ship internationally from our smoke free, pet friendly home in Izmir, Turkey. Average delivery time is around 2 weeks, but we recommend allowing 1 month to account for any unexpected customs or holida