Devil Horns Hat for Cats and Small Dogs

Have a cat that is pure evil? Know someone with a small dog that can be a little demon sometimes? This little devil hat would be a cute costume or funny gift idea for the more sinister pets on your shopping list. 

This hat was designed to fit medium sized cats or extra small dogs. It would be an easy costume or photo prop for your smaller four legged friend.

Each hat is hand crocheted using acrylic yarns. The two horns are lightly stuffed and sewn onto the headband.

Wearing Instructions

To wear the hat, place the hat on top of your pet's head and gently slip the ears into the ear holes. The tie straps on either side can be tied under your pet's chin to secure the hat if needed.

Measurements and Sizing

Kitten Size:

2" / 5 cm forehead

1.35" / 3 cm ear holes

1.25" / 3 cm tall horns


Adult Cat / Small Dog:

2.5" / 5.5 cm forehead

2" / 5 cm ear holes

2" / 5 cm tall horns

Devil Horns Hat for Cats and Small Dogs