Dragon / Dinosaur Mask for Dogs

I know it can be challenging to find cute costumes for large breed dogs, so I came up with this dragon mask design. It was inspired by my son (who you'll see in my photos) who is just nuts about all things knights and swords right now.


This design is very much like my super hero costumes. The mask has both ear and eye holes as well as a thin elastic strap that goes under your dog's muzzle to help secure the mask and nose piece. I use a very loose and stretchy elastic for this to help make it more comfortable for your pet.

The horns are stuffed and hand sewn onto the hat, so they will keep their shape. The snout portion of the mask lays loose over the end of your dog's nose. I've left open nose holes on the end as well.


This hat was designed for large breed dogs with floppy ears (goldens, labs, etc). As this mask has several holes that need to line up just right (ear, nose, and mouth), I recommend measuring in advance to make sure you will get a good fit. 

My standard size measure approximately:

  • From ear to ear, across the top of the head: 6.7" / 17cm
  • Nose width, between the eyes: 2" / 5cm
  • Ear hole width (flat): 4" / 10cm
  • Start of one eye hole to end of the other: 7" / 18cm

Other Notes

This listing is for the mask only.

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact me.


Dragon / Dinosaur Mask for Dogs

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