Stackable Flower Headband / Collar for Dogs

I just can't get enough of dogs in flowers!  I designed these simple crochet flowers as an adorable yet affordable way to dress up your large breed dog.


Each flower comes on a band that is just the right size to be worn as either a collar or a headband.  You'll receive 1 flower headband with your order in the color of your choice, but as the photos suggest, they stack nicely together.


Wearing Instructions


These flowers can be worn 3 different ways: 

- As a collar   (wear around your pet's neck)
- As a headband   (wear around the head)
- as a crown   (wear around the ears only)


Want to see it in action?  Here's a short video demonstrating all three ways using one of my bows:


Measurements and Sizing


Each flower measures approximately 2" across, features a small iridescent rhinestone in the center, and comes with the following band options:

  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20" (shown in photos on our golden)
  • 22"


You can also request a custom size by writing in the desired band measurements in the comments section of your order.

Stackable Flower Headband / Collar for Dogs