Flower Headband or Collar for Cats and Small Dogs

There are few things more adorable than animals and flowers. This simple, single flower headband would make a simple and cute accessory for your smaller four legged friends.

The headband was designed so that the band would blend in with your pet's coat and give the appearance that the flower is resting just above your pet's ear, thus providing a softer, more comfortable alternative to pet bows and clips.

Wearing Instructions

This flower can actually be worn 4 different ways:

  • around the head, like a headband
  • worn under/around the ears, like a crown
  • around the neck, like a collar
  • wrapped around your pet's existing collar (wrap the band several times and slide over the collar)

It's a great option if you're not sure your pet is patient enough to wear something on his/her head.

Measurements and Sizing

Each flower measures about 1.75" / 4.5cm across and comes on a fitted / closed band.  You can choose between the following band options:

  • Kitten (10"): recommended for young kittens up to about 6 months
  • Adult Cat / XS Dog (12"): recommended for adolescent to adult cats and miniature dog breeds
  • Custom: enter the size you need in the box below.

Flower Headband or Collar for Cats and Small Dogs

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