Holly Collar for Cats

This festive little sprig of holly makes an adorable Christmas accessory for your smaller pets.  It was designed to fit your smaller four legged friends, including most adult cats and extra small / miniature dog breeds.

Each piece is hand crocheted from acrylic yarns, making it durable, washer safe, and great for both indoor and outdoor use.  Each piece includes 2 holly leaves and 3 bright red berries, all of which are securely sewn onto a green crochet band.


-- Wearing Instructions ----


The holly can actually be worn 2 different ways:
- around the ears, like a crown
- around the neck, like a collar

It's a great option if you're not sure your pet will enjoy wearing something on his/her head, as you can still use it as a collar.


---- Measurements and Sizing ----


The holly and berries come on three different band options.  To order a custom size not shown below, just send us a message.


Kittens and Small Cats
- recommended for young or petite cats from about 2-8 months (up to about 7-8lbs)
- 10" circumference


Adult Cats and XS Dogs
- Recommended for average size adult cats and extra small / miniature dog breeds (up to about 15lbs)
- 12" circumference


XL Cats and S Dogs
- Recommended for larger/fluffier breed cats and small dog breeds (up to about 25lbs)
- 14" circumference

Holly Collar for Cats