Lion Mane for Dogs

Finding cute costumes for large breed dogs can be a challenge.  Perhaps the only thing harder is getting them to keep an outfit on!  With this in mind, I designed this fitted lion mane for large breed dogs.  It would make a cute and easy Halloween costume for your own cowardly lion.


The mane is hand crocheted from dark brown, pet safe acrylic yarns.  The hairs are individually attached and brushed to give it the fuzzy texture of the lion's mane.


Wearing Instructions


This hat is fitted (it goes all the way around the dog's head) and is secured with two ear holes.  There are no straps, buttons, or velcro, and the best of all, I have yet to see my hat-hating golden retriever be able to wiggle herself out of one these!

To place the mane on your dog, simply slip the mane over your dog's head and gently fit the ears into the ear holes.  If needed, you can then adjust or remove the tie string.  


Measurements and Sizing


The mane in this listing is designed to fit larger breeds (as seen pictures on a 70lb golden retriever).  They are recommended for dogs with approximately 18-20" head sizes.


Need to measure your dog?  You can check out a detailed measurement guide and video here:

Lion Mane for Dogs