Christmas Scarf for Dogs

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This Christmassy looking pet scarf was designed to match my Santa dog hats but would also be ideal for pooches (and their feline friends) who aren't so fond of wearing hats.  If you are looking for an adorable holiday outfit for your four legged friend, this scarf would make a great addition to your festivities.  


Wearing Instructions:


The scarf features a loop and one end and two long tails at the other.  Slip the two tails of the scarf through the loop to create a head hole for your pet, then slip it over your dog's head.  It's that easy!


Measurements and Sizing:


The scarf was designed to be adjustable.  To determine which size you need for your dog, measure around the chest/neck area.  Then, check the sizes below.  The total length minus your dog's neck size will determine how long the ends of the scarf will hang.



  • Ideal for most small to medium size dogs. 
  • Total length: 22"
  • Neck size: 9 - 14" 
  • Scarf will hang 8-13" down from the neck


  • Ideal for most medium to large size dogs.  If your dog has short legs, be sure to check your measurement first to make sure it won't be too long.
  • Total length: 30"
  • Neck size: 15 - 22" 
  • Scarf will hang 8-15" down from the neck

Large (shown in photos):

  • Ideal for tall, fluffy, or large chested dogs.  It would be perfect for extra large breeds such as danes and mastiffs.  If you want the scarf to be nice and long (like in the photos), it will also fit well on large size breeds like retrievers, labs, and shepherds.
  • Total Length: 38"
  • 20" or greater neck size
  • Scarf will hang 12-18" down from the neck

If you need a custom size, please feel free to send me a message or request a custom order.  I'd love to make something personalized for your pet.  


Shipping Information:


My items ship internationally from Izmir, Turkey.  I highly recommend allowing a month for your order to arrive, as customs and holiday mail delays may impact delivery times (especially as we approach the month of December).  Normal off-season delivery times are generally 10-15 business days to the US and 7-10 business days to Europe.


Christmas Scarf for Dogs

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