Santa Hat for Dogs

Looking for a cute pet photo prop for your Christmas pictures? Or maybe a fun way to let your four legged friend join in on your holiday celebrations? This traditional colored red and white Santa dog hat makes a perfect Christmas pet accessory - or gift!

But let's be realistic, most dogs don't enjoy wearing hats and shake them off almost immediately. I took this into account and designed my own *nearly* wiggle proof pattern for this hat. This unique design makes it much harder for dog to sneak his way out of it before you click the shutter. And of course treats help too.

Wearing Instructions

My Santa hat design goes all the way around your dog's head, allowing it to stay securely in place with no pesky ties or straps. Simply hold the hat with the white part facing you, then slip the hat over your dog's face and up to the forehead. Gently fit your dog's ears into the ear holes, and you are ready to snap some adorable photos.

Measurements and Sizing

This hat was designed to fit large breed dogs, such as labradors and golden retrievers. It fits most dogs with a head size up to 20"

For instructions on how to measure your dog's head size for this item, see the 5th listing photo or watch my video here:


Santa Hat for Dogs

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