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Need a funny costume for your cat or small dog? Why not make him a unicorn?!?

This is a one piece head accessory designed to fit both adult cats and small breed dogs. It features a yellow unicorn horn and a rainbow colored "mane" (made from brushed yarn) on a white hat. It would make an easy and fun costume for your four legged friend.

Wearing instructions

Simply place the hat on top of your pet's head and gently slip the ears through the ear holes. You can use the tie strings to secure the hat in place. 

Measurements and Sizing

Kittens and Small Cats
2" / 5cm forehead, 2" / 5cm ear holes, 2.25" / 5.5 cm tall

Medium and Large Cats or Extra Small Dogs
2.5" / 5.5 cm forehead, 2.5" / 5.5cm ear holes, 3.25" / 8.5cm tall

Need one for a bigger dog? You can find those here:

Unicorn Cat / Small Dog Hat in Rainbow Colors

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